Services provided by NU CAC

The Career and Advising Center serves as a full service organization with the following main functions.

  • Provide career advising through scheduled appointments and drop-ins with CAC staff members to assist NU students assess their skills, values, and interests and understand how this relate to their academic, co-curricular options and career opportunities
  • Educate students about experiential learning programs (ex/internships, volunteering, part-time employment) while at NU
  • Connect NU students and Alumni with internship providers and employers through resume referrals, job listings, campus interviews, direct application, networking, search events, social media, and information technology
  • Provide services for companies looking to hire NU students and Alumni
  • Facilitate Ex/internship Programs in cooperation with NU Schools
  • Prepare students for job-search competencies and tools to present themselves effectively as candidates for employment through career workshops and related activities; help students to develop strategies for finding and pursuing financial resources for current and future professional options
  • Assist NU students reflecting their abilities, skills, values, and motivations
  • Assist NU students and Alumni to identify graduate Program and School; effectively present as graduate/professional candidate for further study; connect students with graduate School through campus info sessions and presentations, events, direct application, referrals, and information technology
  • Give access to information to help NU students and alumni explore and make career decisions:
    1. self-assessment and career planning
    2. career tips (incl. maximizing presence on social media)
    3. resources and strategies for revising career plans
    4. experiential learning (ex/internships, job, volunteer) and job listings
    5. occupational and job market (local, regional, global)
    6. employer and industry information
    7. graduate/professional schools