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Dear Student,

The first  step in your career plan is to understand who you are, what you’re interested in, and what you’re curious about.

For this purpose Focus 2 online career planning system  will help you:

  • Select a major based on your interests and aspirations;
  • Discover occupations matching your personal preferences and attributes;
  • Map out your career plans, present and future;
  • Make informed career decisions.

With the knowledge gained, choosing a successful and rewarding career path will come more easily.

Check out our exploration resource Focus 2, and schedule an appointment today to discuss the options with the career counselor.

Note: Please use nucac access code to create an account.

To eplore the career prospects for the majors offered at NU, study the brochures below:

What can I do with my major_ENG

What can I do with my major_RUS