On-Campus Recruitment

Post a Job

We are delighted that you are considering hiring NU students and alumni. Please follow the instructions below to connect with NU talent.

Register for an Employer Account
  1. Go to CAC CareerNet.
  2. Complete Employer Registration profile.
  3. Use a valid business email address (name@companyname.com). The use of a   personal email address will delay the vetting and approval process.*
  4. Include a valid company website.
  5. Once your Employer Registration information has been approved by the CAC (within 3 business days), you will receive a password via email.

* Exceptions may be made for childcare and tutoring positions, if the CAC deems it appropriate.

Post a Job or Internship to CAC CareerNet
  1. Log-in to CAC CareerNet.
  2. Click on Create Job Posting .
  3. Your position will be available to NU students and alumni within 48 hours on    CAC CareerNet, a password protected, online database of jobs and    internships


We offer our employees unique opportunity to use NU facilities for recruitment of our Alumni.

You can book labs for tests and small rooms for interviews.

In case of Skype interview, we offer our students to use equipped conference rooms.

Please contact us at cac@nu.edu.kz to schedule your event.