1. Can I divide my 6-week internship in two parts, i.e.  can I have first 3 weeks after 2nd  year and another 3 weeks after 3rd year?

2. How many internships per term can I have? 

3.  In the CB internship proposal form for SEng students there must be a signature of a site supervisor. In many cases internships start after the deadline for registration and the company is situated in another location. How can we get the signature to meet the deadlines? 

4. What information is needed for CAC  to prepare an official letter for the internship (“direction”) in case if the internship is self-found? 

5. How long is an internship agreement signed by Nazarbayev University? 

6. Am I eligible for credit-bearing internship? 

Professional Development Program AY 2014-2015