Internship Types

Any internship involving a financial arrangement  between Nazarbayev University and the host organization must have a written contract stating the specific nature of the financial arrangements.

CAC announces internship opportunities at various companies. Students apply by sending resumes and transcripts (if required). After student is nominated, he/she fills in credit bearing proposal form that is to be submitted to the School Office.

  • Credit Bearing Internships – supervised by the Schools and contribute to a degree program. Up to 6 ECTS credits per internship (for SEng requirements pls. read below). The internship is credited to a course number designated by the School.
  • Sanctioned Internships – non-credit bearing but identified as being a valuable learning experience by CAC and/or Schools.  Sanctioned internships are managed by the CAC.
  • Unsanctioned Internships – found by students and not reviewed by the University.

NU does not encourage a student to pursue this type of internships.  If students find internships on their own, the best approach is to contact the CAC prior to agreeing to the internship.  The CAC will assist the student in determining if such an internship may be a sanctioned internship.