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     We are happy to present you the Special edition of the CAC Newsletter devoted to the students' internships. During 2016-2017 AY more than 800 students interned locally and internationally gaining experience in engineering, marketing, software engineering, consulting, interpretation, construction, etc.  This newsletter will give  you an insight into the experience and thoughts of the students on the world of work.
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Sharing Experience session  

    On September 20, 2017 NU Career and Advising Center conducted Sharing experience session on internships where  the HR manager of Samruk Kazyna, Vladislav Kim was invited to speak on the internships in general along with other invited speakers-NU students  who had internships in such organizations as Facebook, NFactorial Business Incubator, etc.   Read more>>>

How it was, EXPO-2017 with the impressions of Madina Kaisarova 

   Hi everyone! Each summer I keep saying «that it was my best summer» and approaching to the end of summer 2017 again I can confidently claim that these 3 amazing months were the best ones. I have had a great experience during them while working as a moderator of National Day ceremonies at the National Day Stage for all 93 days of EXPO. Sounds unbelievable, I know, but literally, I did not have a day without EXPO this summer. It was a huge experience and great time there. Meeting different cultures of 115 different countries and getting acquainted with 22 international organizations gave me a bunch of new thoughts and ideas about the world overall and broadened my mind hugely. Read more>>>

Two internships-two different experiences by Amanbek Omirkhan

        My 3-week internship at Eurocopter KE went very well. As it has been expected, HSE regulations of the company were at high level. First day of the internship started with the instructions on fire safety, code of conduct and general safety regulations at the factory...
...Then I managed to participate in the internship at “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating b.v.” field that went very well. The Karachaganak gas field is located in the West Kazakhstan province, Burlin region. Karachaganak field has area of about 280 km2, hundreds of gas wells, and about ten manifolds. Read more>>>

Aikido became a bridge to internship

         My name is Nurzhamal Sadir. I am a 3rd year Mathematics major student. This summer I had a great time in ADB KARM as an intern. It was not so hard to apply for this position. Honestly, I knew Giovanni Capannelli, country director of ADB, personally as a trainer of aikido at our University. We had a little conversation about the internship, because he should have known that I have an interest and some knowledge in Economics. My internship was about the entrepreneurship in the Kostanay region. Read more>>>

Internship in national companies: how to get the most of it. Tips by Alua Makhmetova

    The internship started from bureaucratic routine of application of documents and signing of a contract between JSC NC “KTZh” and NU, because internship was self-found. The process flowed in a usual way and most part was solved by Career and Advising Center of NU. This typical process did not promise anything interesting and made me anticipate that internship would be without any remembering moments. Fortunately, my expectations were not met, and this experience became useful contribution to my life experience.  Read more>>>


Chemistry and industry. Are they alike?

        I carried out my Internship at Caustic JSC started at 15th of May till the 16th of June. The company based on the manufacture of chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen by the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution using a diaphragm cell and a membrane cell.
     The registration was at the main building at 8 am, where initially I passed through the medical checkup, fire and security inspector. They asked N86 medical document. Read more>>>

How to become a GE intern 


     My name is Aida, and I am a 4th year student studying Mathematics at Nazarbayev University. The University gives one a strong academic background in Economics and Statistics, however to be a good financial analyst application of the knowledge is necessary. The best choice is doing an internship while taking classes at university, since this can help you to understand if this job interesting for you and helps you achieve your career goals. Doing the research on the company is critical to understand whether you are a good fit for the company and if the company is a good fit for you.  GE can provide one with this fantastic opportunity. Read more>>>


Want to be a doctor-try job shadowing first


    I would like to express gratitude to our university, particularly, Career and Advising Center and UMC for such a great job shadowing opportunity to get a taste for a job, which I consider in my future.  It allowed me to observe professional doctors in their job, so now I understand the role of doctor, their responsibilities better.  As it's a shadowing experience it was unlikely that we will get to carry out any tasks, however it did not meet expectations. Fortunately, except just observing what actually doctors have to do along their working day, I also had a lot of work to do  there: mostly I assisted nurses. I transported patients to and from surgery room, X-ray, physiotherapy room and other places. My physical assistance was very helpful to nurses in case of patients, who were not able to move themselves. Read more>>>


Internships in the regions provide more specific experience

           I am Adamov Assyl and I had an internship in Rauan Nalco, 2017. LLP "RauanNalko" is a dynamically developing high-tech petrochemical enterprise with its own production facility and modern testing laboratory. Most of the time there I spent in laboratory washing dishes (it is important to keep the lab equipment clean!!!), assisting to local researchers and running experiments under their control. I chose Rauan Nalco among other 5 chemical factories based on my academic interests thanks to CAC Career Net platform launched by Career and Advising Center. One of the reasons why I chose Atyrau was to see the west of Kazakhstan where the chemistry market is developed the most. I wanted to feel the atmosphere and familiarize myself with the domestic chemistry market. Read more>>>


Eltex Alatau-where your ID TV remote controls come from


         Hi there! My name is Daryn and I am the second year Robotics and Mechatronics student at Nazarbayev University. This summer I did my credit-bearing internship at Eltex Alatau  telecommunications company. I have got into this company this Spring after applying to an opportunity on the CAC Career Net website.  
The company basically deals with the production of consoles for KazakhTelecom’s IDTV digital TV program. The company’s offices and factory are located 20 km away from Almaty, so you might be imagining how hard it was for me to wake up early in the morning and to catch up with shuttle bus.Read more>>>


Culture, language and research -SPIKE!


        SPIKE is a summer program offered by UNIST (Ulsan, South Korea) for undergraduate students who want to get real research experience and get in touch with Korean culture. The program is divided into two parts: Korean language courses with cultural experience and research internship. There are various fields for research that will fit almost all majors from SST and SoE.
     Application process in 2017 included online application on SPIKE website, selection by NU School Committees and approval by UNIST faculty from selected laboratories. Very helpful tip for those who really want to maximize their chances is to get in touch with a professor via e-mail beforehand.Read more>>>


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