October  2017

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    NU Career and Advising Center is delighted to present you the October  issue of  monthly Newsletter. In this Newsletter you will find some highlights on the events organized in the framework of the Students Professional Development Program,  Graduate Application Advising Program and good news from our students.   
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Our congratulations!

      We  congratulate 1 year NUSOM student Assel Akhmetova,  who  won the competition "Best student 2017"  organized by  "Elite"  Recruitment Agency. Also Assel participated in "Youth Summer School 2017 Beijing”  and attended 5 day  Summer School. Read the full article <<<<<<



NU Alumni Reunion 2017

      On  November 4 and 5, 2017 the second NU Alumni Reunion was held at  Nazarbayev University. The event had a great success with 200 graduates attending the event. A new format of interactive Reunion was welcomed by all participating parties. This year NU Alumni Reunion was represented by a 2-day weekend program: Networking&Teambuilding and  Alumni Sport Games Festival.
    Alumni feedback, event photos and video will be published in our Special Edition Newsletter soon. Follow our annoucements!


 Presentation of  "BI Intern"

     Starting 2012 every Fall BI Group  announces the BI Intern program for the students of the 3rd and 4th years with the opportunity to get  further employment.
     On October 24, 2017 the company representatives conducted a presentation to NU students to answer the questions of prospective program participants. To appoint a “BI-intern”, firstly, the internal selection within the company is conducted among the applicants to find out the outstanding candidates who are afterwards trained in the Corporate University of the company. The company connects the students with the supervisor to mentor the students during the whole process of the internship. The internship is a paid opportunity and the students can combine their studies with the part-time work. Moreover, the company may allow the students to take a leave of absence from the work for a certain period in case the students have to concentrate on their studies.
Applications of all prospective candidates are accepted through the website


MARS: Career in Regions  

     Building career in regions  may seem to be a challenge for  many students. Nevertheless it is the best way to visit beautiful towns of our country where you have never been,  be promoted to management positions faster and save money on  live costing. The advantages of working in regions was the theme of the session held  by Mars Kazakhstan on October 26, 2017.  If you are focused on results, dedicated to quality, strength and integrity, possess the drive to succeed and ready to work in different parts of our country,  Mars Kazakhstan invites you to join the Leadership Development Program.  This Program is a unique chance for you to get a  position in one of the leading companies in food processing, well-known for its friendly environment.  NU Alumni Aziz  Kairatkhan  started his career in the  Kostanay region and now he has been one of the most successful sales managers of the company.  All the details of the Program are HERE<<<<


Interview skills by   "Beeline Kazakhstan"

      Job interviews can be a nervous experience for the applicant and a time-consuming exercise for the hiring company. However, they play a key role in determining whether the company and candidate will make an effective match. As such, the interviewing process provides a great deal of value for the company and candidate alike. In order to develop students' interview skills and help them to be more prepared for upcoming Mock Interviews, NU CAC organized a session on Interview techniques by HR Businees Partner of  Beeline Kazakhstan  Natalya Tolmacheva. 
      During the session Natalya talked about professional skills that employers are searching in candidates, highlighted the most common mistakes made by potential empoyees and   gave real cases for HR practice. The session was held in a form of interactive game and all the attendees were involved in the process. Furthermore students were informed on  the criteria of selection process for internship at the company. If you would like to practice your professional skills during internship in Beeline,   email us on  The full presentation is HERE<<<< .

Leadership skills by Citibank Kazakhstan

     For any position, whether it is an office manager or a project leader, all good leaders require soft skills to assist them positively interact with employees or team members. Employers are looking for these skills in the candidates they hire for leadership roles.
 To reveal these soft skills CAC invited the Chairman of  Citibank Kazakhstan  Mr. Andrey Kurilin who has been working in the company for more than 20 years and has a great experience of working in banking system. During the event he shared some essential tips of becoming a successful professional and leader of the team:
  • Being respectful to others is important in the world of business. Once you respect others, the same attitude will be reflected to you.
  • Public speaking skills are important because any working situation involves dialogues.
  • To get the promotion to the top level in the company, the soft skills importance can be measured as having 90% of weight.
  • In order to be competitive in the labour market the ability to count, being non-allergic to Math is a great tip.

Field Trip to Paramount Engineering 

 October 6, 2017 NU CAC organized field trip to “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP (KPE), which is the largest company in Central Asia producing advanced armored wheeled vehicles.
The company has an innovative technology that enables it to produce armored vehicles with advanced mine protection capabilities. The manufacturing area of the plant is 13,500 square meters ... The full article 


Leadership Skills by Samruk-Kazyna

   NU Career and Advising Center keeps promotion Leadership Program by introducing prominent industry representatives who   can share their experience to help NU students expand their strategic skills, learn how to handle formidable challenges, develop talents.  One of the speakers was Vladislav Kim, HR Center of Expertise at Samruk-Kazyna on October 12, 2017. Here is how Vladislav thinks Leadership skills can help you to be successful during internships & working time:
    -  Be initiative & take responsibility
    -  Be on time and do any job properly
     - Be insistent 
    -  Be a team player by inspiring & motivating others 
   -   Be stress agile – know how to “recharge your batteries”
   -   Be open-minded – request feedback on regular base
    -  Be proactive
    -  Be curious & ask questions
                                                -   Be result-oriented.
     Please find more about interns’ experience from Internship Diaries from current interns, including NU students at
You can reach Vladislav via

       Professional tips from NU Career and Advising Center

    NU Career and Advising Center offered a series of workshops on “Writing Effective Resume” on October 17 and 19, 2017. This Resume Checklist will help you to easily create an impressive professional document and ensures it meets the criteria for a winning Resume:
Contact Information
  • Name: Make it the largest font on your resume, so your name stands out (16-18 pt). Your contact information can be a smaller font (10-12 pt)
  • Email address: Avoid using “cute” or inappropriate email usernames.. The  full article <<<<<<<<

Do you have a job interview coming up?

How NU Career and Advising Center can help you with it?

  1. Register  for Career appointment via CAC CareerNet, share your concerns and learn professional tips from a CAC Career advisor
  2. Participate in a series of Mock interviews conducted by CAC with representatives from real organizations
  3. Practice. Practice. Practice.
Are in a hurry? Use the checklist to succeed... The full article >>>>>>>>

Graduate Application Advising Program

    Within the framework of Graduate Application Program  October 9, 2017  NU CAC invited the representatives of  Johns Hopkins University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Carey Business School  to conduct a workshop   'How to make your application stand out?"  for NU students. The session was divided into 3 parts according to the themes: "Writing a personal statement", "Differences between resume and CV", and "Recommendations letters: components and tips".  To get more detailed information pls. reveiw the presentation.
        As one of the main services of CAC is to assist students  to effectively present themselves as candidate for further study, Senior Manager Gaini Yessembekova conducted  a presentation on Graduate Application Advising Program on October 29, 2017. During the event she talked about choosing the university and  major,   funding resources, including  "Bolashak" program. If you decide to continue education, you can make an appointment with Gaini Yessembekova via CAC Career Net and discuss all the issues. The Presentation is
       If you are interested in obtaining your graduate degree abroad,  NU CAC offers a Handbook  with the useful information  on CAC website. 

Alumni Mentorship Program

      We are happy to announce the growing number of NU alumni mentors who wish to reengage with the University and help students with career and life advice. 
      If you’re a graduate of Nazarbayev University and you would like to become NU Alumni Mentor to help current students and fresh graduates, please fil the application form and send us your Mentors’ profile. The list of  NU Alumni mentors is on CAC website. 

        We are looking forward engaging with you!


CAC Career Net Workshop

      On October 23, 2017 CAC conducted a workshop related to the CAC Career Net usage by the students. Some evident advantages of using the system have been presented and emphasized to the participants of the workshop:

Registration in the CAC Career Net opens the opportunities for:
  • tracking the available internships/vacancies
  • applying with one click to desired position after uploading the resume
  • having access to the tips from CAC on the labor market, company presentation in PowerPoint (Documents section)
  • making your resume viewable to employers to consider you as a prospective intern/employee (CV Book)
  • having a permanent access from your mobile device after downloading it from the Apple Store or Play Market (CAREERS BY SYMPLICITY)
       Important to note that starting September 2017 all the resumes of the CAC Career Net users are included in the CV Book by default.  In case a user does not want to make his/her resume viewable to employers, it can be turned off in your account/Privacy settings. Another great feature we should note is that now you can login using your Facebook account and that makes the whole process incredibly easier.
         During Fall 2017, there have been many events related to the students’ professional development and soft skills. All the participants may have noticed that now the registration can be made via CAC Career Net/Events/Workshops/Name of the Event/RSVP. 
          Frequently Asked Questions:
  • 1) I signed up but cannot login: wait for the approval message from CAC-happens during working days/hours
  • 2) I cannot apply for the vacancy/internships: check the eligibility, upload your resume
  • 3) I cannot see the vacancies and my profile: you should fill in the career outcomes tab to be able to proceed- only for the 4th year students
  • 4) I applied for the vacancy, what is next?: in case you satisfy the requirements, you will be contacted by the company representative.

Internship tips 

     “You need experience to get experience. This seems to be the biggest issue for the recent graduates in searching employment. Therefore internships are very important, because they substantially increase the chance of graduates to be hired for a desirable position. To an employer, a candidate who has spent time having internship  shows dedication to a particular career, enthusiasm for a particular job and importantly, has experience. 
        CAC Manager Liliya Tleukenova jointly with 1 year SST student Sultan Mussakhan conducted a session devoted to  internship process on October 31, 2017. In the first part of the session Liliya explained the application to internship via CAC Career Net and and then Sultan shared his own experience  of  internship in different Kazakhstani companies. 


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